Thursday, 9 February 2017

My Kindle Saga

Well after much debating, thinking and trying to decide, I finally agreed to have a new Kindle, even though what I really wanted was mine working...  

But with a screen looking like this, and having phoned the Kindle support people I was told that it was not repairable.

So the new one duly arrived.  Yes it is smaller, but it felt almost too small.  The screen felt 'rougher' and when I actually turned it on the screen was too bright to read, so I had to turn the brightness WAY down which then seem to affect the clarity or ease of reading. It certainly didn't feel like reading a proper book, whereas my other kindle was easy on the eye to read and much like reading a book.

I discovered it was not at all easy to use the touch keyboard, the d often came out as an f despite being very careful how I touched the key.  I didn't like how you had to swipe the screen to turn the pages.  That means you HAVE to hold on with one hand and use the other hand to turn the pages, which partly defeated the object of me having a kindle which was to be able to use it completely one handed which I could do with my original keyboard kindle.    It also didn't always recognise my touch - perhaps because of the problem I have with my hand?  I am not sure but I have similar problems with other touch screen items.  

Then to add insult to injury some of the features didn't seem to be available.  The help desk person couldn't work out why either, just suggested it was perhaps because I wasn't connected to Wifi, just using the 3G.  Well later I managed to connect to Wifi and it still didn't make any difference.  Three features, including 'collections' which was obviously one I wanted, was blanked out.  

Now this Kindle WAS NOT cheap and I also had to pay extra to not have adverts on the screen.  I was not happy.  In fact I was very unhappy with it.  I just wanted MY kindle.

Well my husband then discovered there was a repair service offered on Ebay.  The listing showed screens just like mine, it was for a very reasonable price and I figured what did I have to lose?  I packaged the new kindle back up and returned it - even before mine was fixed, that was how much I disliked it.

I sent my kindle off on Tuesday and got it back today!

The screen is perfect, and everything works just how I want it to.  I can hold it one handed and turn the pages with that one hand at an easy click of the side buttons.

I can't recommend the service this person does highly enough and I am so very grateful to have my kindle back again in full working order.   For anyone who needs a screen fixed on their Kindle, this is the Ebay user name of the guy who did mine:  steve15r  


  1. I don't have a kindle but I can well imagine your frustration with your new one. Good thing you were able to get the old one fixed. I often find that I like new replacements less than my old ones. An example is my new camera which doesb't take as nice pics as my old one ( all that was wrong with that one was the cover on the battery wouldn't shut all the way. Didn't bother me but son#2 bought me a new one and it would not go over well if I complained so I put up with at least half my pics having to be deleted).
    Happy reading!!

  2. I just hate touch screens. Our new office building has them on the elevators, and I typically have to punch my floor about three times to get it to work. Progress...

    1. Glad I am not the only one! Yes 'Progress...' Makes you wonder doesn't it?!

  3. I had a go with a kindle and couldn't get on with it at all. Back to printed ones for me. My camera did a wobbly on me so was looking at a replacement and then as if by magic my DH managed to mend it for me.....needed a new battery!

    1. I still prefer a proper book any day but for travelling and when my arm is especially bad, this is ideal for me, but I would never have got on with the new one, so if my old one hadn't been fixed I wouldn't have had another one.

  4. I suppose it's what you get used to - I have your "new" Kindle and have no problems with it. Although, like you, I prefer proper books. It is a boon for travelling - though I won't pay more than about £1.50 for a book on Kindle as it's not "real"!


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