Thursday, 18 February 2016

Thursday update.

The days seem so changeable at the moment...Tuesday was lovely and sunny although very cold.  Yesterday was grey and poured with rain most of the day.
Today was another lovely sunny day.

The garden is starting to get a bit more colour and there is much evidence of new growth

Pretty Primrose

Flower buds are forming

The pear tree has new growth

The first rose of the year is in bud!

A rather chewed Primrose

Daffodils are starting to show their pretty faces.

Evidence of the blue sky on Tuesday!

Sun reflecting on the leaves late this afternoon.

Percy sunning himself 

He loves it when the sun shines through the patio doors.

He is such a character.  Poor boy had to go to the vet today as he has developed an abscess on his anal gland - not pleasant!  Not that it has slowed him down - the vet was quite surprised, he said normally they are quite unwell.  Hopefully we caught it before it got too bad.

Only four more sleeps before I set off to New Zealand to visit my parents and sister.  I am really looking forward to seeing them again, although rather apprehensive at seeing the change in my dear Mum.  The warm weather will be very welcome as well!


  1. It's lovely seeing the spring flowers. I expect that they will be considerably later up on Lewis so I hope that I won't miss them. Travel safely. The weather is certainly warmer here (around 29℃ most days in Napier at the moment).

    1. They seem to be quite early this year. Hopefully you won't miss yours - I normally do! Warm weather sounds good. It has poured with rain here all day today (Saturday)

  2. Lovely photos and wishing you bon voyage for your trip to NZ. Think of you often as I have been using the little washcloth daily and I've just notice that it has come undone on one edge - It's done well and with a little stitch will continue to remind me of you and of our trip to the V and A long ago!

    1. Thank you Jane, I often think of you, although am useless at commenting on blogs these days! We really must try to meet up again when I get back! Sounds like I need to make you a new wash cloth! ;-) Don't they last well. I am still using them - must have saved a fortune.


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