Saturday, 23 January 2016

Photo A Day Challenge: January: 12 - 23

I have still been doing the 'photo a day' from the prompts - so here is a catch up - nothing especially exciting I'm afraid!

12:  Something I wore

13:  Three of a kind (these used to belong to my Mum)

14:  Close Up - amazing still flowering at this time of year!

15: Mail - nothing exciting.

16: Chair

17:  Faceless - my statue I bought from a Navejo while in Arizona in 2014.

18:  White

19:  In the Hand

20: Patterns - 

21:  Morning - arrived in the morning

22:  Night - need to upload this.

23: Play - one of my favourite pieces of music to play.


  1. I love the glove puppet and the last picture is very effective too. May I ask whet the piece of music is?

    1. It is called Serenata by Ernesto Cavallini. Hoping to give you a call later!

    2. I'm listening to it now. I am about to send you an email too.


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