Thursday, 5 February 2015

Spirit of New Zealand

Inspired by a wonderful photo my son took of The Spirit of New Zealand while out sailing off Algies Bay I painted the following painting today at my Art Class.

Spirit of New Zealand

I painted this on an A4 size paper...I can see that I could perhaps have put more cloud cover over the sun setting....but I was worried about 'over doing' it....sometimes you need to know when to stop so you don't ruin it!

With a 'mock' frame.


  1. I was immediately transported back to New Zealand. I'm sure that I've seen the Spirit of New Zealand when I've been up in the Bay of Islands over the last few years. I also saw the smaller Tucker Thompson (or is it Thomson?). There is something magical about sailing ships. I like your interpretation.

    1. My son took a series of photos - just beautiful! Thompson with a p I believe.

      Thank you for your compliment on my interpretation - didn't really do it justice, but I am quite pleased considering just over a year ago I had never painted anything! It is always difficult to capture a painting on a photograph as well.


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