Saturday, 1 November 2014

New Carpet!

Been slowly and surely working on the clearing and seems to be taking an age and yes I am bored with it.  Our lounge and hallway were re-carpeted on Thursday.  We needed new carpets when we moved in over 15 years ago, but with poor Pirate suffering from incontinence in his final year, it definitely needed redoing!  Finally it happened, and we took the opportunity of also changing the lounge around.   An eight foot wide space doesn't give us many options...but we managed to come up with something we were reasonably happy with in the end.  The wall unit was lifted onto the raised platform, which we contemplated removing, but which was going to end up too expensive and problematic to remove.

Looking down towards the patio doors.

Looking back up towards the front.


Hallway through to the lounge


Loving the new carpet and the clearer space....of course there is still the question of what do do with some items of furniture that I don't want to put back in these two spaces as I am fed up with clutter and it is so much nicer now with less.   I have sorted through various things that were in the items of furniture that have yet to be 'decided upon' and packed a couple boxes of pottery and vases that I want to keep, but don't want out at the moment.  So they will be ready for any future move we may do. 


  1. I'm dying for some new flooring at the moment ... makes the whole place feel fresh doesn't it. I can see how an 8 foot wide room could be problematic ... but you seem to have done a great job :0)

    1. It is indeed problematic, and it is the first time in a very long time that it feels like we have 'space' to breath in the lounge....trouble is there are still things on the front porch, in the kitchen and bedroom! But they are NOT going back in lounge!

  2. It looks really good and well done with the furniture arranging in the 8ft width.
    We've been in our house for 15 years and still have the stair and landing carpet that came with it. We have finally ordered new. Maybe something in the air is telling people to change their old carpets! :)

  3. I find the effort of de-cluttering almost as bad as the effort of living with the clutter.


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