Sunday, 1 June 2014

Canvas Wall Prints & Visiting Woodpecker

I had a couple of my photos put onto canvas...  they are now hanging on the wall.

Short and sweet as I have had a marathon sewing session the last few days for my Sales Table in Phoenix later this month and am now worn out!

Okay so I have decided that surely I can make this post vaguely more interesting...

I woke really early yesterday morning.  It thought the clock said 6.30 am so I got up as I couldn't go back to sleep and made myself a cup of tea and sat by the patio window to do some hand sewing...I was well rewarded for waking so early as a woodpecker was visiting the bird feeder!

These were taken from through the patio window so not as clear as they could be.

The slightest movement and he would fly off again!

The rose I planted last weekend is looking fabulous and has loads more roses blooming.

Hopefully in a couple of weeks we might even have a nice new patio (having not had one for at least five years!) to show off as well.

It smells just lovely.

The clematis is looking lovely as well.

Being the one holding a camera means I very rarely have any photos of me taken...  my MIL lent me her camera card today to upload some family photos she took at Christmas and other occasions onto my computer and I discovered several recent photos of us at Audley End and Wrest Park.

Looks like she caught me!  I usually shy away from photos being taken of me.


Wrest park


  1. Your photo canvasses look fantastic ... and it's great to see some pictures of YOU. I know what you mean though ... I'm almost always the one behind the camera too.

  2. Good to see you relaxing. I know that I've said it before but I shall say it again nonetheless. That Tui photo is absolutely wonderful. It's one of the best I've seen. A rose with a scent? That's really unusual these days too.

    1. Thank you Graham for your compliments on my Tui.

      Yes indeed, a rose with a scent...pretty much all my roses were chosen specifically for their scent, perhaps with the exception of Rhapsody in Blue which I chose for the name and colour!

  3. Nice to see photos of you!! Love the canvas's you have done, I have been making photo books for myself.


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