Thursday 8 June 2023

First Week in June!

Here we are in June, and a few photos of Peter who is especially photogenic.

Love this photo of him which really shows his expression so well. 

Now for a walk down to our little local bay,

Through the woods

the path has been feels a little bit less wild now and all the wild garlic was destroyed in the process.  It used to look so pretty.

Yet they left this tree fallen over the path.

I don't understand why they didn't clear this away when they cut up so many other trees.

A glimpse of the sea.

New steps to go down to the beach, this is a positive as it was quite a scramble before.

So pretty and quiet early in the morning.

Just perfect.  A good reminder to come down here more often in the early hours.

A cormorant on the rocks.

The spring water fall.

What a peaceful morning it was. 

Petunias are starting to look lovely.

Another rose has started to bloom

The water lily is gorgeous.

I believe this is a Scarlet Tiger Moth (Callimorpha dominula)

This rose is so prolific in producing wonderful scented blooms.

I can't remember what this flower is called coming up in front of the ....

There was an amazing reddish moon a few nights ago, but unfortunately I just couldn't quite capture the beauty of it.

More insect life, this time a glossy green beetle which I believe is a Rose Chafer (Cetonia aurata

Tuesday we had lunch at our favourite Cafe with the most wonderful view

Afterwards we walked to Sandown

It was the most beautiful warm day.

There were rhododendrons growing wild on the cliff and oh so pretty.


  1. Nice to have a walk like that down to the beach.
    It is difficult to photograph the moon... apparently if you use a telescope with the camera it can be more successful

    1. Oh yes indeed, I feel very lucky to be able to walk down there. Yes a telescope with the camera would make a difference as would a tripod which I did use in the past, but I left it in NZ on one of my visits home to see my Mum and Dad!

  2. you live in such a beautiful part of the World!
    Master Peter is a very handsome boy the flower pics are stunning!

    1. Thanks so much Marina. I am so behind on the blogging world. How are you doing?


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