Wednesday, 25 January 2023

Monday - Donkey Sanctuary & Shanklin Beach

Monday - lunch at the Donkey Sanctuary


A walk along Shanklin Beach

A slip

Heart in a rock.

By late afternoon the sky had completely clouded over...what a surprise...not



  1. Gosh. I was looking at your Tui picture not long ago and wondering how things were. I've missed your recent blogs because I'm not in Blogland as regularly as I used to be either. Anyway I've just spent almost a glass of pre-dinner wine catching up with your Christmas and posts this year.

    It's good to see your piwakawaka back in pride of place too.

    I look forward to more pictures from your far away Island.

    1. Thank you Graham, I am so out of touch with blogging, both writing and reading others. I need to redevelop the habit of doing so. Probably not the most exciting posts recently, but hopefully they will improve ;) Hope you are well.

  2. Sights that prompt thoughts of NZ..where we are now!


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