Saturday, 6 November 2021

Unusual Sky Behaviour After an Aircraft Flew Overhead.

Living by the coast, I am used to the weather changing a lot, and the differing sky patterns, however what happened yesterday was extremely unusual.  We don't get a lot of planes fly overhead, usually just light aircraft and the odd spitfire.  

Yesterday morning was a beautiful morning with a completely blue sky.  I then heard what sounded like an aircraft overhead flying backwards and forwards, and this has happened before, but they have never left trails like this, EVER!

I wasn't the only person to notice this, as the delivery driver said the same later in the afternoon when he dropped off a packaged.

This was the result

The whole sky became completely covered with these 'trails'.

Notice the streaks coming down from these 'trails'

Now this is what you usually see when an aircraft flies overhead... no trails.  

This was yesterday as well.

The day gradually changed as these trails 'thickened' up.

Until it became this!

From my almost two years here of observing the weather and cloud patterns I have never seen something like this happen before.

Oh and I noticed the weather app completely changed from what it was reading in the morning for the next few days forecast...not that I usually believe that anyway, but a complete change in just a few hours???


  1. Prop driven planes wouldn't leave contrails...
    But in April 2020 as lockdown set in and flights stopped, we noticed the clean air and the blue sky.
    Now we are back to grubby air, dust in the house and noise

    1. Exactly... these weren't the usual contrails... I am pretty certain what it was, especially as I observed what went on in the sky afterwards. I didn't really believe it until I saw it actually happen.


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